What one bit of advice would you give to those suffering from panic attacks?



As somebody who has suffered from panic attacks over the years, but thankfully not for some time, what advice would you give those suffering from panic attacks?

The main bit of advice I would give relates to sleep. I was able to identify a direct link between times when I had a lack of sleep and panic attacks. I think a lack of sleep increases your natural anxiety which gives you little headroom between where you are and increased anxiety if something was to happen to you. This can then push you over the edge into a full-blown panic attack which is horrendous experience.


As a therapist once told one of my friends, what is the worst that can happen? There is no evidence in the world suggest that a panic attack can kill you so that is not an issue. Rest assured panic attacks will end and as soon as you get a glimpse of control then it should be over. Also, if you use the following breathing technique it is not physically possible to have a panic attack: –

Calming Breath
  1. Take a long, slow breath in through your nose, first filling your lower lungs, then your upper lungs.
  2. Hold your breath to the count of "three."
  3. Exhale slowly through pursed lips, while you relax the muscles in your face, jaw, shoulders, and stomach


Make sure you get enough sleep whether on occasion you need to take some form of sleeping tablet (obviously under guidance from your doctor) sleep, sleep, sleep. That is the key.