How do you tackle your travel phobias go on holiday?



There are numerous different phobias associated with travel/holiday and I would be interested to learn how you cope with your phobias to enable you to go on holiday, relax and enjoy yourself. Is it simply the journey which is the struggle or do you have panic attacks/phobias when you land on your holiday destination? Historically I have suffered from panic attacks and this has often occurred on holiday. It is bad enough suffering from phobias but in front of your friends and families it can be humiliating. Those who have not suffered from a genuine phobia reaction have no idea how it feels.


Personally when I suffered from air travel phobia it was more a case of claustrophobia and "losing control of my environment" than anything else. Once I learned to relax and even "enjoy the journey" that is when the phobia began to recede and I have taken back control. However, I am not foolish enough to suggest it is not there lurking in the background so I am always cautious and on guard.


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If your friends and family are supportive then in many ways this is half the battle. If you are concerned about your phobia at any one time and then concerned about how people around you might react this makes a difficult situation even worse. It is interesting that many people mention "losing control of their environment" which is probably at the root of many, although not all, phobias.