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Hi it all started 26 years ago where i got tested for the above because I had unprotected intercourse. Anyway the test came back negative but experience of that was so horrific that it has left me with a phobia of the disease. Over the next 26 years I have had bouts of anxiety that I have the disease and I have tried CBT and EMDR therapy but nothing works. I am on citalopram and propanalol but I feel like going crazy. The latest trigger is that I had a patient (I'm a nurse) that is HIV positive that we operated on, but even though I had all PPE on it still triggered my phobia and now I'm riddled with anxiety and can't think of anything else and have all those things going round my head.
I have even contacted a gum clinic to get reassurance and even they said to come for a screening just for reassurance.
Can anybody else relate to this? I have had a couple of drinks tonight seeing its Friday which has actually calmed me down as I couldn't stand this feeling of fear anymore.
Just wondered if anybody else has experienced something similar?


I would guess that your irrational fear of HIV/AIDS is a reflection of your general fear of things in general. Can I ask if you have any more phobias? Issues which literally scare you?

Hopefully, as you begin to control you phobias and fears in general, your focus on HIV/AIDS will diminish.